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The Pony is back

17 Mar

Interesting news that Pony is announcing that they are ‘back in the game’. Did they ever go away? Pony used to be a big deal; in the 80s they made serious inroads, grossing revenues in the high 9 figures and being endorsed by the likes of Pele and Dan Marino.

They have an iconic chevron mark, a history of kids kicking their wares on the streets, but do they have any relevance in today’s environment? In the past consumer had the ability to correlate what Pony were actually doing in the sporting arena and make that relevant to themselves. They had cache in an urban environment as gangs of youths sported their quirky streetwear.

Since then the brand has been passed from licence distributors to private equity ownership. The Pony case reminds me a lot of Fila and Sergio Tacchini, very iconic names from a certain era in history. Fila were massive in the early 80’s with Bjorn Borg and Sergio Tacchini with the cool Tennis inspired mid 80’s Italian style. Both brands have since had brief renaissance periods, probably the equivalent of every leap year or so.

Check out the ad campaign for the relaunch – it’s a tongue in-cheek effort at making adidas, Nike and Under Armour’s advertising look irrelevant and stupid. Remember it’s all about the sneakers folks.