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We’ve got more Sports than you…

9 Apr

Nike announced yesterday that they are making products for all of the sports that will appear at this years Beijing Olympics.

This is a massive thing for the industry. Traditionally only adidas got close – they recently proclaimed on an ad in London (The Evening Standard) that they would make specialist products for 25 of the 26 sports in London 2012.

Nike is now challenging the established. Adidas have always had a close relationship with the IOC and made sports products in sectors that where not as lucrative as others. Nike are pushing boundaries, the BMX collections (first year as an Olympic event) is a great example. Very similar to what they did in Skateboarding, where they gained authenticity by signing up the icons of the sports, then working closely with the guys who wore the gear and designing with the end-user as the central thought.

Nike are not an official partner of the IOC but the lines are increasingly blurring.