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Is this the future of the sneaker/trainer box?

14 Apr

Let’s face it they have to come in something. I quite like my trainer boxes and the stuff that is contained inside, but I also know that the current distribution model is not sustainable and something has to change.

Puma and Yves Béhar have spent almost 3 years developing their version of what this might be. The result is the ‘Clever Little Bag’. Isn’t it nice?

As a customer you get a nice keep sake if you so desire with the red tote bag, but more importantly everything is recyclable and the reduction in cardboard is 65% less than standard boxes.

Would’nt it be nice if all sports brands used this form. Somewhat like if all the mobile handset manufacturers got together 10 years ago and decided on a universal form of charger, we wouldnt have the millions and billions of useless chargers getting dumped on landfill sites the world over. Somehow though, I can’t see Puma wanting to share this with their rivals, and who would blame them.

Thanks to Fastcompany for the details:



football shirt + plastic bottle = made real

14 Mar

I’m sure you’ve already heard that the new Nike world cup shirts are made by recycling 8 plastic bottles. Clever idea, nicely executed. Once you contextuliase enviornmental issues and equate them to everyday items or events do you get peoples attention. Here is Nikes effort…

I hope those bottles are in turn recyclable!

Nike – a lesson in how to silence the sceptics

28 Dec

A nice post over at Wolff Olins.

It’s not just Nike’s new product focus which is more in tune with consumers environmental desires, but now their efforts are being noticed by not-for-profit organisations.

As mentioned on this blog before – it makes great business sense to meet head on the issues that consumers are raising. Creating solutions and outcomes that positions your brand positively with its stakeholders.

Step forward Nike…