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The march of the green

25 Apr

Just got this pic in from a friend in London. Its for the new adidas grun collection which is creatively guided by the principles of, made from, recycled and reground. The collection is currently only available for their heritage line and is adidas’ attempt to produce sportswear which is good for the world and at the same time a sustainable proposition.

Now we see the 2 biggest sports brands on the planet producing sports wear which uses recycled and naturally sourced materials (Nike Considered being the other). This is a great thing for consumers who source eco-conscious products in other areas of their lives and can now do the same for sportswear.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this worked its way through the whole organisation, as elements of other lines followed a similar guiding principle. Consumers demanding ethically sourced sportswear is not a fad, its most certainly here to stay.

More news of the collection here