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The fight for the emerging world

30 Dec

Adidas v Nike at Beijing 2008.

Rights for the kit manufacturer of Soccer nations South Korea, China, South Africa, The African Nations and Cricket nations India and Pakistan

These are all keenly fought battles that we have seen or are seeing sports wear brands embark on, and can expect to intensify further in the years ahead.

Sporting brands are seeing rich territory opening up all the time especially in the emerging world. Whether it is whole countries, individual sports that garner passion in that territory, a star athlete, or other initiatives, these factors are all working together to build meaningful interactions that help win the hearts and minds of consumers in these countries.

The next few years is going to be a real battle ground as these countries become more sophisticated and consumers demand brands that their western counterparts readily accept. Brands want first mover advantage and if sponsoring the number one sport in that country helps then they will fight tooth and nail to put one over the competition.

Look out for a few up and coming pieces on this, including the battle for Beijing and one or two kit deals.