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Cricket, no longer playing with a straight bat

23 Apr

Well so far I haven’t written anything about cricket so I thought I would take this opportunity. (more to come in the next month)

Cricket is really starting to understand its role within the world. The new Indian Premier League looks more like the start of a glitzy American league or when the FA reinterpreted how a national football league should look when they launched the FA Premier League.

Sponsorship money is coming in from all angles, pink balls are being used in games, a new form of the game (20/20) is taking the world by storm and the ECB signed a big deal with adidas and have just released 3 kits. 3 kits you say!

Imagine if the FA had done that with the national soccer team, think of the uproar. A shirt for test match play, a one day kit and a 20/20 kit have all been launched for fans of the English side. Now, I think they look great but I’m not sure of the need to bring these all out at the same time. For one you wont get as much impact for individual kits and secondly I would imagine some confusion will exist with fans and customers about which shirt is which.

I think it is an opportunity missed by both the ECB and adidas. That said, if they plan on adopting a football model and changing the shirts every season, like some clubs, then its no big deal for them – it just hits the poor old fan in the pocket!`