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Beijing 2008 Brand Post

6 Jun

While I was away my friend at Truebranding Melissa posted an article on Brand Channel regarding the Olympic brand and China. A very well wrote and thought through piece.

Also a few interesting quotes from someone well known to this site.




Pouring water on the rings

9 Apr

As the Olympic torch continues its journey around the world on route to the Beijing Olympic stadium, the level of public disapproval to China and its policies shows no signs of abating. The Olympic flame with its supposed symbol of peace and hope are being met with protestors everywhere who are angry about Chinas role in Sudan and their reckless policy in Tibet.

Not only is it damaging the Beijing games but it is also damaging the Olympic brand.

The Chinese games are a bold move by the IOC to bring the rings to all corners of the world. Slowly that ideology is being eroded by what is uniting pressure from public opinion.

The torch relay is meant to signify the purity of the games, coming from its ancient home in Olympia, Greece to its final resting point high above the Olympic stadium. The fact it passes through so many territories on route acts as a testimony to mankind that we are better off acting together and living in peace, with respect for one another. The current perception of China goes against these ideals and puts at its very heart the belief people can put behind the principles of Olympism and the games.

Only time will tell how China can turn this around.

Double Take

8 Apr

A colleague was just outside of Beijing and took this snap for me. Li Ning have been around since 1989 and were started by the legendary Chinese athlete of the same name (4 gold medals in LA84 games)

It feels like it is derived half from Nike and half from adidas. Check out the tagline ‘Anything is Possible’, with the store environment being very much out of Nikes locker. Essentially the product has up until this point imitated what the western brands do, their innovation centers are in the US and designers end up being poached from the big brands.

My question here is what should the focus of the brand be going forward as they continue to grow in China (projected 4,000 stores by 2010) ? Do they try and imitate western brands as that is what Chinese consumers have aspired to for so long, or do they really put a stake in the ground and say we are proud of our Chinese roots – we are a Chinese brand that is led by Chinese principles and culture.

When Western consumers started desiring flat clean lined sneakers a few years back, they turned to sports like Taekwondo and Asics who had been making these for the eastern market for many years.

It would be very refreshing to see Li Ning use Chinese design and thinking for the brand, becoming one of the first brands that the Chinese can be really truly proud of and the first that Western consumers start to desire.