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Reaction to Sponsor behaviour depends on where the consumer lives

21 Dec

Really interesting post from Sponsor Crunch (sponsorpitch.com).

They have recently done a survey on consumers attitude towards BP and their continuing association with sporting property. It is most interesting to see how the American and British consumer differs. The Brits, who clearly associate BP as a British firm, are a lot more forgiving of BP and their recent endeavors off Americas coastline. In contrast, the Americans are more cynical.

One thing they do have in common; they see the value that big business like BP can offer properties who are not-for-profit or self generating in nature. What should be learned from this survey? Well, consumers are actually quite forgiving, especially if you are linked with sponsoring / giving money to organizations which exist to put right what you have been doing wrong.

Anyway, see for yourself here:

Source: Sponsor Crunch