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Engineered in Germany – does it matter?

27 Mar

The new adidas predators very proudly say ‘engineered’ in Germany, but does this matter to the millions wrldwide who will probably buy them? Sure they arn’t made in Germany, instead designed, conceived and visualised in their labs in Germany.

Germany is a country renowned for its engineering, in fact it is one of the strongest traits of their brands, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Siemens are all synonymous with this. I’m sure customers buying industrial building solutions or the worlds ultimate driving machine put engineering excellence at the top of their buying criteria. Football boots on the other hand?predator2007_white.gif

Yes the Predator is an impress boot which has been through many incarnations, but why pronounce it so valiantly on the boot. Well the boot is all about precision, accuracy and improving performance – engineering plays a big part in making this happen.

Still i’m not sure the sentiments on the side of the boot make much difference, certainly it’s part of the overall package of the predator brand – but as long as Stevie Gerrard keeps picking out the top corner from 30 yards they shouldn’t have a problem.