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Beckham bigger than soccer itself?

26 Mar

With the MLS season about to embark on its 13th season, never before has it been more crucial for the league to make leaps rather than gentle strides.

Purpose built stadiums, bigger name players and coaches (well Gullit was European player of the year), everything is in place for the MLS to overtake Ice Hockey as the US 4th biggest sport. Big brands like Beckham are needed to take the league to a new demographic and audience – that was evident last year when he made fleeting appearancez around a troublesome ankle injury. The stadiums where packed, women who wanted to see him, men who wanted to live a life like his and kids who wondered how he actually played all packed stadiums.

But – is Beckham bigger than the league itself? The LA Galaxy went on a mini world tour and sold out stadiums in places like New Zealand, something which successful teams in Europe havent been able to do. Did they come to see the Galaxy? Absolutly not, who? Because it is all about Beckham and thats all it potentially ever will be, just like in the 70s when it was all about the Cosmos and the glamor that followed them. This time it has be concentrated in one mega brand machine called Davd Beckham.

Sure the league is financially well off, the teams dont pay stupid money and have steady crowds, even being subsidised with shirt sponsorship money. Only time will tell how successful the league can be; Beckham was certainly needed, but the MLS need longevity. Only time will tell.