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Are you a customer of Chelsea FC?

24 Jul

News announced on euFootball.Biz reports that Chelsea are conducting a major piece of market research on their fan base. The main aim of this inititatve is to improve advertising campaigns and help with new product launches.

That last sentence probably sums up the shift the world of football has made over the last 10 years. Its vast army of fans are now customers, just like in any other business and they increaingly want a world full of Chelsea. No longer are they seen as just a football club who interact with fans every Saturday afternoon – but instead they are a lifestyle brand that want there fans to interact with the brand everyday.

If this means using research to create products which extend the Chelsea brand and fit in with their fans desire for the club and what it stands for, then so be it. The emotional connection that football makes with its fans can make this proposition very compelling when done in the right manner.

The demand for proper marketing techniques within football is set to come to a club near you very soon.