Nomis – the new kid on the block

14 Apr

A fairly new brand out of Australia started by Simon Skirrow, an ex adidas guy who helped launch the predator boot. They are positioning themselves in the market as the brand that cares about comfort for the wearer and minimising injuries while not compromising performance. A very interesting and distinct proposition given that the likes of adidas and Nike position themselves around the usual characteristics of power, speed and precision. It is also an interesting angle to take given the current debate surrounding injuries and the role modern football boots play in this. I’m sure this stance would be welcomed by managers from Old Trafford to Hackney Marshes.

Their recent marketing efforts are also well worth a mention. Check out the smart viral video entitled ‘Damn Boots’’, which pokes fun at the money obsessed world of sponsorship deals in football. I’m sure you will agree it is a very different approach to the superstar appearing campaigns that we see from the supposed big boys.

Another initiative, started in Germany, is quite literally offering customers the ‘right boot’. A pop up store offers customers a boot for the right foot, they are then allowed to try that boot for 2 weeks alongside there current boots and if they prefer the Nomis offer they are sent the left boot at regular retail cost. A very bold and confident move from Nomis, which aims to dispel the market trends and focus on the needs of the actual athlete.(

I think this is one to monitor over the next season or so. My feeling is that as long as Ronaldo can outpace the best defenders in his lightweight Nikes and Beckham can continue to whip deadballs with pinpoint accuracy in his adidas predators, it is going to be very difficult to change the buying habits of youngsters and boot buyers around the world. I do think there is a role in the market for someone like Nomis – the whole market is not as innovative as it should be and they are certainly pushing that boundary. One thing I will say is that football players whether professional or park are incredibly aspirational and this shows in the purchase or choice of the boots that they wear.

In a few weeks I will have an article on the site asking professional players in the UK how they choose the boots they wear, what questions they consider and what it might take to get them wearing a certain brand – some interesting feedback, so watch out.

Check out Footy, who have more Nomis information


2 Responses to “Nomis – the new kid on the block”

  1. bob April 15, 2008 at 1:20 pm #

    hi, my friend plays semi pro in Ireland. he has a pair and loves them.
    i’m thinking about getting some also.

    i think though the majority of amateurs need to see a top pro wearing them before they would make a purchase.


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